The hearing aid which concentrated Japan high techniques|Shop of Shinjuku, Tokyo

It is an entertainment district, a business district around Shinjuku Station extending over southwestern part of Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo and some Shibuya-ku, and Shinjuku is one of the's three biggest newly developed city centers along with Shibuya, Ikebukuro.
I grow up with the Great Kanto Earthquake as downtown.
Shinjuku 7 exists for a name of a street from Shinjuku 1.

The maker Rionet hearing aid proud of a top share in Japan is a store specializing in authorized hearing aids setting up the shop in here Shinjuku.
From the Shinjuku Station south exit of a 2-minute walk was situated in a good location, and greeted the establishment 60th year last year.

リオネット補聴器新宿店e リオネット補聴器新宿店i リオネット補聴器新宿1 リオネット補聴器新宿3

Of the system which regenerates a three-dimensional environment sound that anyone renews it in the shop which can relax and can easily try a hearing aid on the spot introduced it.
I was able to in this way have all of you sense a splendid noise restraint technology to be able to confront the noise of Japan bodily.

Here, let's introduce a technique, the function that only Rionet hearing aid made in Tokyo has!

The digital waterproofing hearing aid which got worlds first ip6568   The small hearing aid which reflected a Japanese design design
The digital waterproofing hearing aid which got world's first ip65/68!
I can change it with an upper cover and am the appearance of the small hearing aid which reflected a Japanese design design!
I enter the hot spring and am good! I am good even if covered with water with a bucket! I do not mind the playing in the water of the child either!

Rion waterproof hearing instruments can be used in various situations in daily life including exercising, bathing, and even talking a shower etc.

It could conform to IP65/68 for waterproof and dust-proof, and have enough performance with high power to be suitable for the users with higher and severe hearing loss, but small size. Further this hearing instruments are featured with a variety of digital functions.
*IP65/68 corresponds to JIS C 0920 : 2003/IEC 60592 regarding standards on the external housing of electronic equipment and devices.

RITE (Receiver-in-the-ear) hearing instruments suitable for mild to severe hearing loss  Any combination of 9-color microphone covers and 3-color cases is possible

The model of the Rionet hearing aid highest peak that reflects this waterproofing technology, and is released only in Japan is this

Rionet hearing aid ”マジェス”(majes)">Rionet hearing aid ”マジェス”(majes)【Official site of Japan】

”Rionet hearing aid majes” recognizes environment with a convenient hearing aid equipped with various "technologies" to entrust you automatically and automatically controls a noise restraint function, and the direction of the battery is automatic, and detection, the learning function to bring close to the favorite sound of the user again are condensed by this small housing. It may be right said that it is a hearing aid on behalf of Japan!

Anyway, please hear a sound.

As the hearing aid is medical equipment, the adjustment that performs the hearing ability measurement, and is appropriate is necessary.

In Rionet hearing aid shop "Rionet center in Shinjuku, Tokyo," I can adjust the hearing aid which accepted the cause of the close adjustment by the Japanese engineer of the maker, the degree hard of hearing.
I contribute it with the price of one from 200000 yen to 370000 yen, but am included all in adjustment charges or a service charge in this.

The audition by the environmental sound simulated experience system is free!

Please purchase it after an experience, if necessary.

At first please come to the store once.
Official homepage of the Rionet center

Official homepage of the Rionet hearing aid (Rion)

I show all of you who had this site visit around the recommended information.
In same Shinjuku, there is delicious noodle fantastically near this Rionet hearing aid shop.
I continue going to the shop called "天下一品" for a long time and am still a shop of one push to come to once a week.
A body wants to eat the soup climbing all over heavy noodles once without permission in 1 weeks to get sick.

Are words not necessary if they see this?
where I recommend an order of 「KOTTERIRAMEN OOMORI」 to if I enter the shop.(^_^)
tokyo sinjyuku noodle